How to Split a Payment on


How to Split a Payment on

Looking to upgrade your television to something out of a science-fiction novel, but feeling a little tight in the budget?

You might be able to manage your purchase better by splitting your payment between two or more cards!

Buy a Best Buy gift card with one of your credit or debit cards and then cover the rest of the cost with a different form of payment.

When you go to Best Buy's website, you'll see “Gift Cards” as a link in the top banner of the site. Clicking on that link will bring you here:

Buying gift card to split payment

However, what you'll want to do is go directly to theE-gift cards section of the site. This link will bring you here:

Buying gift card to split payment

You can buy e-gift cards for Best Buy here:

On this page you can select how much you want to put on a gift card and then designate the email you want it to go to. The recipient's name, recipient's email and purchaser's name are all required fields on this form.

  • You can see in the image above that cards can be purchased in amounts between $5 and $500.
  • You can buy multiple cards, but the total amount of gift cards cannot exceed $500.

Best Buy will deliver the e-gift card to your email address in about an hour. In the email will be the gift card number and the PIN. When you're ready to buy your item, you'll be prompted to apply the gift card on the payment page.

Buying item from BestBuy with gift card

If you have any questions ask below in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

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