How to Split Payments on Amazon


How to Split Payments on Amazon

You can buy practically anything on and have it delivered in no time at all. It's amazing that we still leave our homes occasionally...

Not only can you get practically anything on the world's biggest Internet retailer, but you can also make paying for it a little easier on yourself by splitting the payment for your shopping cart.

The first step to take is to buy an gift card:

Buying amazon gift card to split payment

Get an gift card here:

After you've purchased your Amazon gift card you will get an email in less than a day with the card's number on it.

Now you can apply it to your purchase:

Buying something from amazon

You can see at the second arrow it says "Enter a gift card or promotional code." This is where you'll enter the gift card's number.

When you hit enter, it will be applied as the top arrow shows.

You can now use another method of payment to complete your transaction, effectively splitting your bill.

If you have any questions ask below in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

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